I guess this is hello

Hey tiny corner of the internet, welcome to a blog shaped thing.

So, hi. I’m Ellie. I’m applying to study adult nursing this September, I currently have two offers and a few more interviews left to go. So I don’t know where I will be studying yet, but I know it’s going to happen. I thought a blog would be a nice thing to try and keep up through my degree (we’ll see how that goes!).

Some general stuff about me before anything else though I guess!

  • I’ll be 27 when I start in September
  • Recently I’ve realised I prefer she and they pronouns, gender is just a construct after all. Either or works for me.
  • I already have a degree in Fine Art (2012-2016), which I don’t regret but it’s not been very useful for me since graduating!
  • I’ve been married for almost a year and relocating isn’t an option, I’m lucky there’s a decent amount of courses that I can commute to
  • I’m visually impaired (since birth) which isn’t corrected by glasses and I’ve experienced anxiety and depression for a long time. I am pretty confident that I can actually do the course and be a nurse despite my disability, but it might be harder. I’ve not managed to find many disabled nurses, which is partly why I’ve decided to start writing this
  • I chose adult nursing because it gave me the most options, I’d love to do further training after graduating though, perhaps in mental health nursing or something more specialist
  • It really is the pandemic that made me realise that I a) wanted to get into nursing and b) that I even could
  • We have two cats (Mr Giles and Willow) who will no doubt show up, pet pictures improve everything

I think that’ll do for now and I’ll think up some more stuff to write soon. Crazy that it’s March already (how has this been going on for a year?) and even crazier that in six months-ish I’ll be starting studying. Again.

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